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Margarita in Gose Can

Some time ago I picked up a gose from Westbrook not knowing what to expect.  I didn’t know how it would taste or how to even pronounce gose!  It’s goh-ZUH by the way.  The first swallow I took was not at all what I expected from a beer.  Momma didn’t raise a quitter though and after a few minutes, I decided to give the gose a second taste.  This first gose would be one of many as I found a fondness for sours.  Light and refreshing they are one of my favorite styles of beer.  So here we go.  Up tonight is Margarita in Gose from Second Self Beer Company!

Second Self has a winner with their Maverick and Gose which I tried some months ago at a local tap room.  Clever name aside it is a fantastic gose.  How lucky was I at another local tap room to find the new Margarita in Gose?  True to its name this brew has all the flavors of the perfect margarita.  A little extra salt is in there to help you picture the salt on the rim each time you take a sip.  It is definitely as salty but very light and refreshing.  Margarita in Gose will hit you right away with intense lime and finish just as strong with orange.  Overall I would highly recommend this one to anyone who likes margaritas or gose.  I can picture myself having one of these with a big plate of nachos very soon!

Quick Facts

4.3% ABV


Available: June – October

The Brewery

Beers and Bits is a passion of mine.  I’ve always liked to write and love to meet people.  This blog gives me an opportunity to do both.  It also provides an outlet for me to help local businesses in our community thrive by shining the spotlight on them and getting the word out.  Similarly, the brewers of Second Self had a passion – brewing great beer.  They both had their corporate 9 to 5 grind and spent all of their spare time making their business dreams a reality.  I admire that.  Second self is all about doing what you love and what they love is craft beer.  Their motto – “sip into your second self.”  Cheers to the team at Second Self Beer Company!

Margarita In Gose GlassEvery weekend, the two brewed beer and at night worked on their business plan to make this dream a reality. This was an escape from their corporate jobs/life and what seemed to be an alter ego. They jokingly called this alter ego their…Second Self.

Read the whole story at the Second Self History Page


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