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Macon Beer Co TapsMacon Beer Company has a lineup of brews that are as rich and diverse as the city they’re named for.  I have been a fan of Macon Beer Company’s beer for years now but finally made it down to a Tours and Tastings event this past Saturday.  I was able to taste several of their beers that I had not tried before and let me tell you it was a treat!  As usual, I had the pleasure of escorting my beautiful wife to this event.  She is not normally a beer drinker preferring wine or a margarita on occasion.  For any of you reading this who are like her, I have great news!  There were two beers in particular that she fell in love with.


Macon Progress

Macon Progress Can

Many of the beers at MBC are aptly named and Macon Progress is no exception.  When they set out to brew a great pale ale care was taken to ensure it suited both beer experts and amateurs.  Macon Progress was one of the first craft beers I ever tried.  It truly is a great starting point for anyone wanting to try a craft beer but not sure where to begin.  Low IBU and 5% ABV make this a well balanced pale ale.  Perfect for making progress on your craft beer journey eh?


Macon Love


Macon Love

For us locals, we all know what the Cherry Blossom Festival is.  Macon Beer company has crafted a beer that truly embodies that spring time fun of the festival.  This is a blonde rye ale with a strong taste of cherry and a low IBU.  Before you even taste it you won’t confuse Macon Love with anything else thanks to its thick pink foam.  Out of all the Macon Beer Company beers I have tried, Macon Love is not my favorite.  I am not too keen on cherry most of the time.  If you are someone who likes cherries though, you will definitely love this one. 



Macon Out

Macon Out

Before you can make love you’ve got to make out.  Macon Out is a light beer that is the base for several other beers at Macon Beer Company.  This is a nice light beer for those who don’t want something heavy.  Macon Out is another one of those beers my wife loved since it has a little sweetness on the front end.  Even for you seasoned beer drinkers, this is a great choice on a hot summer day.


Macon Dreams

Macon Dreams

Macon is rich with stories of actors and singers who made it big.  Some of the most notable of course are Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers, and Jason Aldean.  MBC takes this history seriously and has a beer inspired by Otis Redding called Macon Dreams.  This was my wife’s pick for sure.  It is very light and goes down quick so be careful.  There is not a hint of bitterness but what it does have is a very strong taste of peach.  Macon Dreams is brewed with only fresh peaches from Lane Orchards.  It may not be the beer for the true aficionado but I must admit I enjoyed it myself!  If you’re “not much of a beer person” but still want to support your local brewery Macon Dreams is the ticket for you.


Macon History

Otis Redding

Okay so if you’ve been following my recent posts a good friend Jonathan has turned me on to stouts.  I had tried a few stouts in the past and was not impressed.  Recently though I have branched out and I am glad that I did.  Macon History is the kind of stout I like!  It has a great chocolate and coffee finish but is very smooth.   Some of the more seasoned stout lovers may criticize a little because it’s not as strong as an imported stout.  But for me Macon History is perfect!

Macon Soul

Macon SoulI have truly saved the best for last.  One thing we have an abundance of in Macon is soul.  And one thing I love more than a good stout is a great sour.  Macon Soul starts with Macon History as a base and uses sour yeast.  You won’t find a lot of brown sours.  But if you do you’ve likely stumbled across a Macon Soul and you should buy two.  You can still catch a hint of the chocolate stout underneath but there is no doubt that it’s a sour – and a good one!  Now, this beer isn’t on the website yet and currently is a trial run.  I certainly hope to see Macon Soul popping up in local restaurants and tap rooms.


Macon Beer Company Brewing

The tour of the brewery was very exciting.  I’ve never truly taken the time to understand what goes into crafting the perfect cold one.  Lucky for me though, Macon Beer Company has given it a lot of thought.  Everything about the process has been carefully tuned to ensure that the highest quality brew is produced.  Equally as important to me is that the company is committed to seeing our community is central GA thrive.  This is obvious in their use of locally sourced fruits and other ways in which they give back to the community.  The seaweed that is used is imported from Italy but is recycled back to local fisheries.

Macon Beer Company BrewingOur innovative recipes and techniques result in beer quality beyond industry standards. We have wild ideas and overly technical methods, but that’s simply a manifestation of our passion to make your mouth happy.

Throughout the tour and my time talking with the staff at Macon Beer Company I could not have been more impressed.  Appealing to both my beer loving side and my geeky side Macon Beer company has some very complex methods to produce a quality product.  I can’t say that I understand all of it.  What I do know is that Macon Beer Company is an organization that believes in investing in the community.  That is something we can all appreciate!


Macon Beer Co VisitThanks for a great experience!  We will be back very soon!


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